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Embossing in braille

Braille writing is an alternative method of signs recording, making it possible for the blind people to read texts by use of a touch sense.

Few interesting facts:

  • Braille is a way of writing and not a language, as it may often be heard.
  • There is, in fact, only one size of fonts in Braille.
  • One page of Braille text can consist of about 860 symbols including spaces.
  • There are additional extra signs in Braille e.g. sign of a capital letter, sign of a number.

Our much experienced workers have already embossed in Braille dozen of thousands of pages.

They have executed projects ranging from single pages up to many volumes of publications.
We provide our services of Braille embossing to individual Clients, companies including telecommunication companies, public institutions such as law courts, town halls, and also non-governmental organizations.

druk braile

Embossing on paper

We offer Braille embossing on Braille’s paper (standard paper density of 160 g/m²).

We convert standard text, which we receive from a Client into Braille writing.

Embosing on foil

We invite you to use our service of embossing Braille on transparent foil, also with self adhesive layer.

Boards/ plates in Braille

We have in our offer possibility of embossing tactile Braille writing on such materials as PCV, plexi, metal (dibond plates).