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Braille quality control

10 years experience in providing services for international pharmaceutical corporations and leading packages printing producers.

We offer checking correctness and readability of tactile Braille writing on medicine packages and other publications in Polish and foreign languages.

The same as in standard writing, Braille text may be more or less legible. Braille’s dots may be too small, positioned too low or distance between dots and individual signs may not be in proper interval. It is worth then to pay a special attention and make sure that the information in Braille is legible for a blind person. It is of the essential importance.

Unfortunately many companies, which are obliged to implement Braille on their products do not care much about the quality of Braille embossed, and what follows about its legibility, however more and more socially responsible companies pay special attention on availability of their products to the blind people, and for those companies we are at their service.

wydruk brajla